Corporate History

McGuff Medical Canada, Inc. History

In the Beginning

Apollo 16 astronauts were walking on the moon when Gilbert J. McGuff (Gil), decided to supplement his income by supplying innovative medical products to Bariatric physicians and patients. Gil, a US Army Air Force pilot and veteran of WWII, founded the McGuff Company in 1972 and became its sole proprietor. While working fulltime and managing McGuff Company after hours, Gil still found the time to instill an entrepreneurial spirit in all three of his sons. Each son eventually started his own business.

In 1979, as Gil was approaching retirement, he sold McGuff Company to his youngest son Ronald M. McGuff (Ron), a US Army infantry veteran, who had been working for Procter & Gamble. Gil was hired by Ron as the company's first employee and both Ron and Gil worked hard together to build upon McGuff's early success. Ron's first day working for the McGuff Company was April 1st 1979.

A new direction was taken to align the company with the medical profession's leading innovators in complementary medicine. Understanding the needs of these extraordinary physicians became paramount for McGuff. The McGuff team visited complementary physicians around the country to understand the unique therapies provided to their patients.

Today, a third generation is represented by Trevor McGuff, a US Marine Corps infantry veteran, who is actively involved and applying his talents to day-to-day operations.

Family and Veteran-Owned and Operated

McGuff was incorporated in 1984 and remains a three generation family and veteran-owned company.

McGuff Company developed associations with the industry's leading manufacturers to bring quality drugs, medical devices and nutraceuticals to physicians throughout the United States. McGuff Company developed a number of innovative services and products to address specific needs of physicians and patients. Among these innovations are; Ascorbic Acid injection with EDTA (replacing Monothioglycerol), Osmolarity Software, EDTA dose Calculating Software, IV Administration sets with internal 15 micron filter and McGuff/physician computerized inventory control.

The McGuff Company has evolved to meet changing needs of a wide range of physicians and new therapies that they have developed. McGuff's reputation for quality products, excellent customer support and regulatory integrity became known to a broad spectrum of physicians in the United States and around the world.

Establishment of McGuff Compounding Pharmacy Services

McGuff Establishes Compounding Pharmacy Services

Late in 1998 the McGuff Company evolved to meet market shortages of specialized injectable drugs by forming a wholly owned subsidiary, McGuff Compounding Pharmacy Services, Inc (CPS). The McGuff management team decided to create a state-of-the-art compounding pharmacy that incorporated many unique attributes including; the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), Certification to International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9000:2008 Quality Systems and fulfilling the customer care policies that McGuff had built its reputation on. MCPS, in short, was conceived, designed and constructed to exceed all government requirements, establish and implement McGuff's internal requirements for unsurpassed standards and be a model showcase for compounding pharmacy.

Dedicated facility planning, equipment selection, equipment validation, process validation, PCAB and ISO certification allowed CPS to become a compounding pharmacy that has been recognized by its peers in national and international trade journals.

Today, CPS maintains a prominent role improving the political, regulatory and scientific environment of compounding pharmacy in order to assure sustained patient access to compounded medications.

Establishment of McGuff Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

McGuff Company, anticipating profound changes to the generic injectable drug market, chose to launch a second wholly owned subsidiary, McGuff Pharmaceuticals, Inc (MPI). McGuff Pharmaceuticals, incorporated in 2002, is a cGMP compliant, FDA reviewed, ISO 9000:2008 certified drug manufacturing company.

McGuff Pharmaceuticals develops, registers and manufactures brand and generic drug products under its own label, as well as private labels for distribution to key market segments. MPI has received multiple international drug applications in North America, South America and the Pacific Rim, generating significant additional revenue from exports.

McGuff Pharmaceuticals has demonstrated experience in developing drugs for phase I, II and III clinical trials and technical support to customers for FDA chemistry, manufacturing and controls (CMC) requirements.

McGuff Medical Canada, Inc.

McGuff Company, recognizing that Canadian customers were having a difficult time sourcing hard-to-find drugs and medical devices, established a local presence in Toronto by incorporating McGuff Medical Canada in 2008. This successful venture has led to an approved Health Canada registration for Ascorbic Acid Injection. Multiple devices are also being distributed.

Excellent Customer Service is Key

McGuff understands that excellent customer support, customer management and customer empathy are core characteristics that lead to enhanced customer success. Our vision of customer support is to provide our employees with the latest technology to assist one-on-one customer interactions that provide our customers the information needed, when they need it. When a customer calls the McGuff Company or an affiliate, we want our customers to be calling a friend first, and then have us be proficient in helping with all customer needs.

A Shared Passion for Quality Pharmaceuticals

McGuff Compounding Pharmacy Services and McGuff Pharmaceuticals share a mission to maintain their uncompromising passion to produce quality pharmaceuticals and assure customer satisfaction.

Independently Inspected and Certified to Meet National and International Standards

Adherence to national and international standards brings technological, economic and societal benefits to McGuff. Conformity to standards helps reassure customers and stakeholders that McGuff products are safe, reliable and of good quality.

McGuff management believes that the value of independently managed audits of our systems, policy and procedures by far outweights the additional cost, labor and time consumed to undertake these audits. These audits draw on national and international expertise and experience and are a vital influence on how we manage regulatory expectations.

McGuff voluntarily engages the following organizations on an annual basis to provide independent review for McGuff management:

More About the McGuff Family of Companies

More Than Sales and Service – We're Involved!

Today, the McGuff Company, along with its three wholly owned subsidiaries, McGuff Compounding Pharmacy Services, Inc., McGuff Pharmaceuticals, Inc., McGuff Medical Canada, Inc. provides a unique combination of products and services to support a diverse set of customers – world wide. All companies are experiencing significant growth and continue to seek out and meet new customer needs.

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